Photograph Gallery

The gallery includes photographs of the events that we undertake during the course of the year. The newest post will always be at the top of the page and the oldest at the bottom. Every care is taken to ensure that the photograph is appropriate to our activities and we have used pixelization techniques to protect the identity of young people.

September 2021

On Sunday we welcomed Rob Manley to lead our Harvest Festival Service.

All of the collection was donated to Farm Africa to help struggling 

farmers. All the non perishable food which was donated will be forwarded to Hayle Food Bank.



On Tuesday at Tea and Toast it was another member's birthday which was celebrated in the usual fashion of a birthday cake and candle and a chorus of 'Happy Birthday'.


On Sunday we have our Harvest Festival service and everybody is welcome. Donations of non perishable foods will be welcome and forwarded to Hayle Food Bank. The Church collection will be donated to Farm Africa to help African farmers to thrive their harvest.

Thanks go to the member of Tea and Toast for making our poster.


August 2021

On Friday a group of young volunteers cut down and removed the dangerous overhanging branches in the car park. This had become a safety issue that had been highlighted during the winter gales when it was feared that they would fall on cars parked below. A big thank you to all the willing workers.


We were pleased to welcome our old friends Rev Terry Higgins and his wife Gillian to tea in the Chapel on Wednesday afternoon. We remember them both with affection from their days on the Hayle Circuit and later for their help with St Erth's interregnum when we were without a minister.

During the coronavirus pandemic isolation Gillian heeded her faith and calling to share how God has shown and guided them through their ministries. The result is her book called 'A Diary of a Marriage made in Heaven' - travelogue in time of their lives in Methodism.

We were each given a copy and a small supply was left for any one who would like a copy.


We had two birthdays to celebrate today at Tea and Toast. Both were on the same day but, possibly, a few years apart.

Happy birthday to Viv and young, ex Youth Club, Rachel.


July 2021

Saturday saw the re-opening of the Farmer's Market under the release of the Government Coronavirus guidelines. The Tea and Cakes heralded the opening of the new kitchen. It was blessed by our local Minister; the Rev Edwin Myers and then the blue ribbon was cut by Di Webber and the new kitchen was officially opened. Viv Hocking and her two stalwart companions entertained throughout the market with a melody of popular tunes played on their piano accordions, whilst everyone enjoyed a free

drink and a cake.



On Tuesday, as a special treat, we had a Tea and Toast barbeque (by kind permission of Robin and Marcelia); all subject to coronavirus guidelines. Here we played some children's games usually brought out for Messy Church but the just right level of ability for us all.


There will be a special Thanksgiving Service.


June 2021

We rarely see a traditional baptism in our local Chapel so we were delighted to welcome back the Rev Terry Higgins, our former Minister, to baptise a member of our congregation. So on Sunday morning, as part of 

our service, Trevelyan Hocking; assisted and supported by his father Garnet and his girl friend Phillipa, was fully submerged in the River Hayle, just upstream of St Erth bridge as Terry Higgins and the congregation gathered on the river bank to share the ceremony.


We were surprised and pleased to see that the school children of Penpol School, Hayle had been industrious and drew their own posters to air their views on the G7 conference and had chosen to attach them to our doors.


The Churches in the area have been encouraged to highlight that the true solution to climate crisis is for humanity to seek forgiveness from God for the misuse of His creation. This is to be visually conveyed through displaying a Cross covered in ocean/plastic waste. You may have seen two crosses so displayed near the St Erth Methodist Church. Curiously, these crosses have disappeared. If you know what happened to them, please let us know; or if you know where they are, please return them to the church by putting them in the courtyard / entrance to the Farmers Market.


On 21 June President Richard Teal and Sue delighted some of the friends when visiting Wesley Rock Chapel to hear their mission plans. Richard prayed for them and the work in Heamoor Penzance the Superintendent 

Rev Alistair Bolt and his colleague Rev Edwin Myers came to share. For the purposes of the photo face masks were  either temporarily removed or lowered and then re-instated. No doubt you can recognised  our Minister Rev Ed.

Wesley Rock

May 2021

As recently as in the past week a local charity handed back to us some St Erth Wesleyan Methodist Church plates which had been donated to them for sale.

It was a kind gesture and one which we reciprocated. We have a few in our archives but the majority would have been replaced many years ago.  The company that made them was formed in 1892 and ceased trading in 1903 so that gives an idea of how old they are.


April 2021 

He is not here for He is risen just as He said. Matthew 28 : 6

Easter Sunday

God so loved the world that he gave his one and only begotten son.  

John 3 : 16

Good friday

There is a green hill far away without a city wall, where the dear Lord was crucified who died to save us all.

green hill

March 2021

chapel opne

Palm sunday

January 2021

new year

December 2020

"For unto you is born this day in the city of David a saviour, which is Christ the Lord". Luke 2:11


"God bless us every one" said Tiny Tim, the last of all. A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens.


No one is useless in this world who lightens the burdens of others.


Thankyou to all the good people of St Erth who rose to the challenge and helped the two local churches meet the request from Hayle Food Bank to donate 15 boxes of mince pies and 15 bags of chocolate money each. Between us all over 30 gifts of each item was raised and now go into their Christmas Hamper for distribution.

mince pies

November 2020

Gary and Gavin collected the shoeboxes from the Chapel and very kindly transported the 36 boxes to Redruth to begin their journey to children in war torn and deprived areas of the world in time for Christmas.  This was a great effort in these difficult times and our thanks go to all of you who donated complete shoeboxes, items for the shoe boxes or money towards the transport to bring joy and love to a child this Christmas. Thank you.


Just when you think that Coronavirus might make us forget Remembrance Day the good people of St Erth remind us. Do you know who the two phantom poppy planters are. Thank you to them for doing a grand job.

Finally, do you know how many extra large poppies have been placed around St Erth?



September 2020

The Harvest Festival service was a fantastic one for us despite being held under Government coronavirus regulations. All the food gifts shown in the photo were donated and then given to the Hayle Food Bank.

In addition the photo of some of the woollen items were knitted by one of our senior members despite having bad arthritis in her hands which are to be sent to poor families in Moldova. And finally the Church Collection of £340 was donated to Farm Africa where there are doubts that their own harvests may not support their families.


April - 2020

Since the coronavirus Corvid 19 pandemic which brought abut the closure of the Chapel and cessation of all activities; there have been no photos to publish; but we have Di Webber's Easter posters to enjoy.


February - 2020

On Friday at Youth Club we had a visit from Liz (who is blind) and Noal (her husband). They brought their 3 guide dogs with them (called Oscar; Zoe and Scoobie). Two were retired as pets whilst the third was on active duty. The children were allowed to shut their eyes and accompany Liz being led by a guide dog around the room. They then knew what faith you had to place in the dog.


At Tea and Toast on Shrove Tuesday we all took turns to wear the Chef's hat and mix and make some pancakes. They were delicious.


On Sunday we held Messy Church which is a joint venture between the two local churches. 40 people attended. The theme this time was 'Discipleship'. We explored the theme of kindness and friendship.  All the games were focused on this point. Here we see one table 'building bridges' In addition there was a short service; followed by a cooked tea for over 27 adults and children of all ages. And it was all FREE.


On Friday the Youth Club made Valentine's Day shortbread and ice them and then added chocolate buttons. While they waited for the shortbread to cook the Youth Club played table top football.


January - 2020

On Sunday the two local churches ran the first Messy Church of the New Year. The text was the blind faith that Gideon placed in the Lord. Here the children wore a blind fold and in the true 'pin the tail on the donkey' game
 had to cut out and pin the wings on an Angel. Here one of the wings is the wrong way round. Another set of coloured wings; but although a good attempt whilst blindfolded, still one of them is the wrong way round. One of our young Messy Church helpers struggling to cope not using his mobile for an hour. The Messy Church meal was cottage pie and vegetables followed by apple crumble pie and ice cream for 20 people.



On Friday at Youth Club we made pizzas. Some took them home for tea and others ate them there and then. They were delicious.


After the Christmas Tree Festival the cleaning team did a grand job of getting rid of all the glitter and pine needles. Looks to me as if they are enjoying themselves too much; but no need to pixelise their faces.


At the Farmers' Market the usual team were back running the refreshments table. You will note that we have used pixelization techniques to protect the identity of young people.


At the first Youth Club  meeting of the year we made 2020 calendars for them to take home to their family. You will note that we have use pixelization techniques to protect the identity of young people.


December - 2019

On Tuesday we had a free Christmas Party at Tea and Toast with over 30 of our regulars playing 'Pass the Parcel' and singing carols. It was difficult to decide whether or not the men made a better choir than the women.


The Carol Service and Christmas Tree Festival was fully attended with £260 raised from the collection for Action for Children. The Christmas Tree display ran for a further 7 days and was very popular.


November - 2019

At the Farmers' Market on Saturday the local craft stalls had a nice Festive look to them.


On Friday at Youth Club we prepared decorations for our Christmas tree. This photo allows some of the members not to be recognised on the web.


The last Messy Church of the year was held on Sunday. This joint venture between the two local Churches provides fun and games for parents, children and grandparents of course. Here a volunteer is helping to make slime. The theme was Jesus is a Super Hero and here they are making their own out of paper and cardboard before attending a short service whilst dinner was being prepared. Finally, helpers from both Churches prepare and serve up a full Sunday roast followed by Christmas pudding and ice cream or apple crumble and ice cream. About 44 attended and everyone helped to clear up afterwards.



At Youth Club on Friday night we all cooked cakes and buns for sale at the Farmers' Market. Here on Saturday the first two helpers arrive to serve the refreshments; all sold to raise funds for the Youth Club.


Sunday; after the Remembrance Service; we loaded the first consignment of 64 Shoeboxes for the first step of their journey. The Samaritans Purse is a charity which organises the sending of shoe boxes filled with gifts and essentials for boys and girls aged from 2 to 14 years old in overseas countries where help is needed most and young children unlikely to experience the joys of Christmas. Here were see our stalwart helpers load all the local St Erth boxes to go to the next collection point. There will be another consignment to be sent off next week.


October -2019

On Friday, and in anticipation of Halloween, the Youth Club prepared their pumpkins illuminated with small battery operated tea lights. Here are the results and thanks go to ASDA who donated some of the pumpkins to us.


Monday saw the Service of Thanksgiving and the Celebration of the Life of Edna Hocking. The service was conducted by our own Reverend Edwin Myers and Mr Tim Hosken was the organist. Over 200 people attended and said their good byes to Edna.


On Friday we took the youth club to a roller skating disco park and whilst the photo does not show them clearly; they zoomed by the camera too fast. Viv was the only brave Youth Club leader who would put on the roller skates and complete a few circuits.


On Thursday evening we had a South African Experience with the Reverend Edwin Myers and family giving an illustrated talk of life when they were living in South Africa. We had a total of 34 people sit down to a beautifully cooked South African meal.


Are you a keen researcher of your Family History. The local churches in St Erth contain a wealth of information. For instance; we have 16 brass window plaques each with a story to tell. There are also wall plaques. Are your forebears amongst them ?.



At Youth Club we made chocolate buns and took them home for the rest of the family.



September - 2019

On Sunday we had our all age Harvest Festival and the Church was decorated with the gifts. The service was a combined service between the two local churches and we were pleased to welcome our friends from across the road. The collection from the Harvest Festival service was sent to the Farm Africa Charity. The gifts of tins of food were donated to Hayle Food Bank and the gifts of flowers and fresh produce were distributed to local worthy causes.



On Friday we took the Youth Club to explore the old sandpits and then play on the recreation ground.


Tuesday's Tea and Toast was well attended with 22 people enjoying themselves. Don't forget that next Tuesday is the MacMillan Charity Coffee Morning when we hope to double these numbers.


Sunday's Messy Church was well attended with activities for all


At the Farmers' Market on Saturday we were entertained by Jenny and Jill


July - 2019

Saturday's Farmers' Market saw its 11th birthday and as the weather was nice then tea could be taken outside. We had a very accomplished local person play the piano accordion.


At Youth Club on Friday we all cooked a meal for our family and then sat down and ate it all together. Here the tables are laid ready for the guests.

Here is the first course or starters being prepared for the family meal.


June - 2019

This Friday we took the Youth Club to play cricket in the play area. Does it surprise you to know that they won.


On Friday we took the Youth Club to play crazy golf but it was the play area that proved the most popular.



Here at Messy Church the children demonstrate working as a team.


Usual Youth Club activities of craft and cooking.


At Farmers' Market we had a visit from Marian, a young Czechoslovakian now living in the USA. He was cycling from Lands End to John O' Groats in Scotland. He called in for some nourishment and we wish him a very enjoyable stay in our Country.


It looks as though we have a new double faced road sign in the car park to help ease the traffic through the village.

road signroad sign

On Friday we joined the global calling all Christians to pray between Ascension and Pentecost for more people to come to know Jesus Christ.
The Chapel was opened at 5.00am until 6.00pm and facilities were there to help all ages pray. Here the Pulpit was turned into a Prayer Tent with scatter cushions and gentle music inside.


May - 2019

On Friday we took the Youth Club on a Travelling Tea. This combined a walk to the first house where they had hot dogs and a drink, then a walk to the second house where they had jelly, cakes and a drink.


On Friday we took the Youth Club for a walk. It was their turn to be in charge as they hoisted the 'oldies' over the siles.


On Sunday we were pleased to welcome Andrew Cashmore who lead our Pet Service accompanied by his dog Casper. Also there was Annie, the farm dog, anxious to make as many non farm friends as possible.

pet servicepet service

As an epitaph to the demise of the old Chapel piano, we are pleased report that although the wooden carcase was beyond repair or salvage; the main frame has gone to a new local home where it will be loved and played by plucking the strings in the same manner as a harp. It was a John Broadwood and Sons make and this label was found under the keys.


April - 2019

On Sunday Messy Church was well attended. Here we have the young volunteers helping on their activity tables. Children were invited to make their own 'lots' as in 'casting lots' which is mentioned over 70 times in the bible or they were trying to build the largest cross possible out of wooden clothes pegs.






Today we said 'Good Bye' to the old piano. After years of faithful service the piano had an undignified exit through the 'Coffin Doors'. It was riddled with fresh wood worm and was beyond the point of satisfactory repair and restoration. Now that the piano is outside and awaiting collection; at least; and hopefully, it was removed from the Chapel before the woodworm spread to our Grade 2 Listed organ.




Easter Bonnets Winners - Adults - 1st Sue  2nd Janet  Tied 3rd -Fliss and Angela. Children - 1st - Dorothy. Decorated Hens Egg Winners - Primary - 1st & 2nd Lele  Tied 3rd - Carmel and Courtney. Secondary - 1st  Hannah. Adults - 1st - John  2nd Audrey  3rd Janet.









At the Farmers' Market the two judges gave their verdict on the Decorated Hens Egg Competition and awarded prizes as follows: Primary; 1st & 2nd  Lele, 3rd Carmel and Courtney. Secondary; 1st Hannah. Adults; 1st John, 2nd Audrey, 3rd, Angela.  Next the judges awarded prizes to the winners of the Easter Bonnet: Children; 1st Dorothy. Adults; 1st Sue, 2nd Janet, 3rd Angela and 3rd Fliss.

And now that the judging has been completed we can show you the decorated eggs that the Youth Club made before half term.




Farmers' Market had a surprise for everyone today. Firstly, we had an unexpected and welcome visit by Breton Fez Noz, a small group from Breton in France who were visiting St Erth. They treated us to their traditional festival music.

Next we had an unscheduled visit from Binbin Zhang, who volunteered to play her harp and Chinese flute to the gathering in the hall.

And finally a young man called Max, who said he could only play a piano, actually was brilliant on the great organ in the Chapel and brought the poor old thing to life with some modern music. Well done Max.




At Tea and Toast on Tuesday we continued the theme of the Farmers' Market Easter competition and one brave lady wears the hat that she will enter in the show.

tea and toast

On the last Youth Club meeting before half term we decorated eggs for the Farmers' Market Easter egg competition. We can not show you the photos until the competition is over, so instead we shall show you the cakes and squash they had when they had finished.


March - 2019

On Friday at Youth Club we all helped to prepare and cook the cakes for the Tea Stall at the  Farmers' Market. We do this to try and raise funds to pay for special items and treats and then on Saturday the Youth Club ran the Tea Stall at the Farmers' Market and sold all that we cooked the night before.

tea stalltea stall

Tea stall

On Friday the Youth Club went for a healthy invigorating brisk walk by the river and then finished with drinks and cakes.


On Shrove Tuesday we had a full turn out with a lot of potential Celebrity Chefs making pancakes.


February - 2019

On Sunday we held the monthly joint venture of Messy Church using the theme of Noah's Ark. A total of 36 attended. The table shows the results of the Childrens' efforts at Messy Church.

Here is an example of a peg board quiz whereby the correct pegs of those who were on the Ark are placed. The pegs not in the board represent those not on the Ark and these are just a sample of them.

messy churchmessy church

messy church

At Youth Club they were taught how to make chapaties and chicken korma curry and then they ate all that they cooked and then washed up.


At Youth Club we finished the candle stick holders. Here they all are waiting for the varnish to dry. We also cooked some cakes for them to take home and share with their family.



January - 2019

On Friday the Youth club practised their carpentry skills and each made a wooden candle stick holder.


Here are the results from Sunday's Messy Church. You can see the craft and pictures that the children made.

messy church

We are grateful to the volunteers from the St Erth Feast Committee who have undertaken to repaint the hall. This is not an easy job; nor a quick one but here they are starting the job. Our very many thanks go to the great band of volunteers.


It is sad to see that now Christmas has gone the need to dispose of the old unwanted tree has arrived. This is what we found in the St Erth Methodists Chapel courtyard. We are well used to rubbish being dumped in the car park and this is now an extra task for the volunteers to clean up and remove.