Photograph Gallery

The gallery includes photographs of the events that we undertake during the course of the year. The newest post will always be at the top of the page and the oldest at the bottom. Every care is taken to ensure that the photograph is appropriate to our activities and we have used pixelization techniques to protect the identity of young people.

January - 2020

On Friday at Youth Club we made pizzas. Some took them home for tea and others ate them there and then. They were delicious.


After the Christmas Tree Festival the cleaning team did a grand job of getting rid of all the glitter and pine needles. Looks to me as if they are enjoying themselves too much; but no need to pixelise their faces.


At the Farmers' Market the usual team were back running the refreshments table. You will note that we have used pixelization techniques to protect the identity of young people.


At the first Youth Club  meeting of the year we made 2020 calendars for them to take home to their family. You will note that we have use pixelization techniques to protect the identity of young people.


December - 2019

On Tuesday we had a free Christmas Party at Tea and Toast with over 30 of our regulars playing 'Pass the Parcel' and singing carols. It was difficult to decide whether or not the men made a better choir than the women.


The Carol Service and Christmas Tree Festival was fully attended with £260 raised from the collection for Action for Children. The Christmas Tree display ran for a further 7 days and was very popular.


November - 2019

At the Farmers' Market on Saturday the local craft stalls had a nice Festive look to them.


On Friday at Youth Club we prepared decorations for our Christmas tree. This photo allows some of the members not to be recognised on the web.


The last Messy Church of the year was held on Sunday. This joint venture between the two local Churches provides fun and games for parents, children and grandparents of course. Here a volunteer is helping to make slime. The theme was Jesus is a Super Hero and here they are making their own out of paper and cardboard before attending a short service whilst dinner was being prepared. Finally, helpers from both Churches prepare and serve up a full Sunday roast followed by Christmas pudding and ice cream or apple crumble and ice cream. About 44 attended and everyone helped to clear up afterwards.



At Youth Club on Friday night we all cooked cakes and buns for sale at the Farmers' Market. Here on Saturday the first two helpers arrive to serve the refreshments; all sold to raise funds for the Youth Club.


Sunday; after the Remembrance Service; we loaded the first consignment of 64 Shoeboxes for the first step of their journey. The Samaritans Purse is a charity which organises the sending of shoe boxes filled with gifts and essentials for boys and girls aged from 2 to 14 years old in overseas countries where help is needed most and young children unlikely to experience the joys of Christmas. Here were see our stalwart helpers load all the local St Erth boxes to go to the next collection point. There will be another consignment to be sent off next week.


October -2019

On Friday, and in anticipation of Halloween, the Youth Club prepared their pumpkins illuminated with small battery operated tea lights. Here are the results and thanks go to ASDA who donated some of the pumpkins to us.


Monday saw the Service of Thanksgiving and the Celebration of the Life of Edna Hocking. The service was conducted by our own Reverend Edwin Myers and Mr Tim Hosken was the organist. Over 200 people attended and said their good byes to Edna.


On Friday we took the youth club to a roller skating disco park and whilst the photo does not show them clearly; they zoomed by the camera too fast. Viv was the only brave Youth Club leader who would put on the roller skates and complete a few circuits.


On Thursday evening we had a South African Experience with the Reverend Edwin Myers and family giving an illustrated talk of life when they were living in South Africa. We had a total of 34 people sit down to a beautifully cooked South African meal.


Are you a keen researcher of your Family History. The local churches in St Erth contain a wealth of information. For instance; we have 16 brass window plaques each with a story to tell. There are also wall plaques. Are your forebears amongst them ?.



At Youth Club we made chocolate buns and took them home for the rest of the family.



September - 2019

On Sunday we had our all age Harvest Festival and the Church was decorated with the gifts. The service was a combined service between the two local churches and we were pleased to welcome our friends from across the road. The collection from the Harvest Festival service was sent to the Farm Africa Charity. The gifts of tins of food were donated to Hayle Food Bank and the gifts of flowers and fresh produce were distributed to local worthy causes.



On Friday we took the Youth Club to explore the old sandpits and then play on the recreation ground.


Tuesday's Tea and Toast was well attended with 22 people enjoying themselves. Don't forget that next Tuesday is the MacMillan Charity Coffee Morning when we hope to double these numbers.


Sunday's Messy Church was well attended with activities for all


At the Farmers' Market on Saturday we were entertained by Jenny and Jill


July - 2019

Saturday's Farmers' Market saw its 11th birthday and as the weather was nice then tea could be taken outside. We had a very accomplished local person play the piano accordion.


At Youth Club on Friday we all cooked a meal for our family and then sat down and ate it all together. Here the tables are laid ready for the guests.

Here is the first course or starters being prepared for the family meal.


June - 2019

This Friday we took the Youth Club to play cricket in the play area. Does it surprise you to know that they won.


On Friday we took the Youth Club to play crazy golf but it was the play area that proved the most popular.



Here at Messy Church the children demonstrate working as a team.


Usual Youth Club activities of craft and cooking.


At Farmers' Market we had a visit from Marian, a young Czechoslovakian now living in the USA. He was cycling from Lands End to John O' Groats in Scotland. He called in for some nourishment and we wish him a very enjoyable stay in our Country.


It looks as though we have a new double faced road sign in the car park to help ease the traffic through the village.

road signroad sign

On Friday we joined the global calling all Christians to pray between Ascension and Pentecost for more people to come to know Jesus Christ.
The Chapel was opened at 5.00am until 6.00pm and facilities were there to help all ages pray. Here the Pulpit was turned into a Prayer Tent with scatter cushions and gentle music inside.


May - 2019

On Friday we took the Youth Club on a Travelling Tea. This combined a walk to the first house where they had hot dogs and a drink, then a walk to the second house where they had jelly, cakes and a drink.


On Friday we took the Youth Club for a walk. It was their turn to be in charge as they hoisted the 'oldies' over the siles.


On Sunday we were pleased to welcome Andrew Cashmore who lead our Pet Service accompanied by his dog Casper. Also there was Annie, the farm dog, anxious to make as many non farm friends as possible.

pet servicepet service

As an epitaph to the demise of the old Chapel piano, we are pleased report that although the wooden carcase was beyond repair or salvage; the main frame has gone to a new local home where it will be loved and played by plucking the strings in the same manner as a harp. It was a John Broadwood and Sons make and this label was found under the keys.


April - 2019

On Sunday Messy Church was well attended. Here we have the young volunteers helping on their activity tables. Children were invited to make their own 'lots' as in 'casting lots' which is mentioned over 70 times in the bible or they were trying to build the largest cross possible out of wooden clothes pegs.






Today we said 'Good Bye' to the old piano. After years of faithful service the piano had an undignified exit through the 'Coffin Doors'. It was riddled with fresh wood worm and was beyond the point of satisfactory repair and restoration. Now that the piano is outside and awaiting collection; at least; and hopefully, it was removed from the Chapel before the woodworm spread to our Grade 2 Listed organ.




Easter Bonnets Winners - Adults - 1st Sue  2nd Janet  Tied 3rd -Fliss and Angela. Children - 1st - Dorothy. Decorated Hens Egg Winners - Primary - 1st & 2nd Lele  Tied 3rd - Carmel and Courtney. Secondary - 1st  Hannah. Adults - 1st - John  2nd Audrey  3rd Janet.









At the Farmers' Market the two judges gave their verdict on the Decorated Hens Egg Competition and awarded prizes as follows: Primary; 1st & 2nd  Lele, 3rd Carmel and Courtney. Secondary; 1st Hannah. Adults; 1st John, 2nd Audrey, 3rd, Angela.  Next the judges awarded prizes to the winners of the Easter Bonnet: Children; 1st Dorothy. Adults; 1st Sue, 2nd Janet, 3rd Angela and 3rd Fliss.

And now that the judging has been completed we can show you the decorated eggs that the Youth Club made before half term.




Farmers' Market had a surprise for everyone today. Firstly, we had an unexpected and welcome visit by Breton Fez Noz, a small group from Breton in France who were visiting St Erth. They treated us to their traditional festival music.

Next we had an unscheduled visit from Binbin Zhang, who volunteered to play her harp and Chinese flute to the gathering in the hall.

And finally a young man called Max, who said he could only play a piano, actually was brilliant on the great organ in the Chapel and brought the poor old thing to life with some modern music. Well done Max.




At Tea and Toast on Tuesday we continued the theme of the Farmers' Market Easter competition and one brave lady wears the hat that she will enter in the show.

tea and toast

On the last Youth Club meeting before half term we decorated eggs for the Farmers' Market Easter egg competition. We can not show you the photos until the competition is over, so instead we shall show you the cakes and squash they had when they had finished.


March - 2019

On Friday at Youth Club we all helped to prepare and cook the cakes for the Tea Stall at the  Farmers' Market. We do this to try and raise funds to pay for special items and treats and then on Saturday the Youth Club ran the Tea Stall at the Farmers' Market and sold all that we cooked the night before.

tea stalltea stall

Tea stall

On Friday the Youth Club went for a healthy invigorating brisk walk by the river and then finished with drinks and cakes.


On Shrove Tuesday we had a full turn out with a lot of potential Celebrity Chefs making pancakes.


February - 2019

On Sunday we held the monthly joint venture of Messy Church using the theme of Noah's Ark. A total of 36 attended. The table shows the results of the Childrens' efforts at Messy Church.

Here is an example of a peg board quiz whereby the correct pegs of those who were on the Ark are placed. The pegs not in the board represent those not on the Ark and these are just a sample of them.

messy churchmessy church

messy church

At Youth Club they were taught how to make chapaties and chicken korma curry and then they ate all that they cooked and then washed up.


At Youth Club we finished the candle stick holders. Here they all are waiting for the varnish to dry. We also cooked some cakes for them to take home and share with their family.



January - 2019

On Friday the Youth club practised their carpentry skills and each made a wooden candle stick holder.


Here are the results from Sunday's Messy Church. You can see the craft and pictures that the children made.

messy church

We are grateful to the volunteers from the St Erth Feast Committee who have undertaken to repaint the hall. This is not an easy job; nor a quick one but here they are starting the job. Our very many thanks go to the great band of volunteers.


It is sad to see that now Christmas has gone the need to dispose of the old unwanted tree has arrived. This is what we found in the St Erth Methodists Chapel courtyard. We are well used to rubbish being dumped in the car park and this is now an extra task for the volunteers to clean up and remove.


December  - 2018

Through out the week after the Carol Service the Chapel was open daily for the village and visitors to see the Christmas tree display and guess the theme. This year each tree was decorated to represent a popular film.

xmas treexmas tree

On Sunday we had our Annual Carol Service led by the Reverend Alistair Bolt. We had the customary countdown to the switch on of the lights on the Christmas Tree exhibition, and then the carol service whereby the congregation could choose the carols. We were also pleased to welcome St Erth Concert Band and the St Ives Community Choir; both of whom were excellent with their playing and singing.

During the carol service a small Yuletide play was acted by members of the Lasers (the Sunday School) and members of the Rainbow Youth Group whilst the non acting members had other duties of switching on the lights and serving the tea or coffee and mince pies afterwards; and even washing up.



Our new Minister; Reverend Edwin Myers; is a modern technological man; and we are delighted to share with you; his card sent by email; and includes his wife Sue; and son Daniel. It is posted here for all those who are able to see it, where ever you are in the world, and perhaps we may see you in the near future. There will always be a welcome for you.


On Friday we had the last Rainbow Youth Group meeting before Christmas. We played musical chairs and musical statues, made some craft decorations and then sat down to a tea party. We had 19 youths turn up and we were also delighted that Rev Ed was able to teach them the Bible meaning of Christmas and share a prayer with them.


November - 2018

On Sunday the two local churches held their last Messy Church joint programme for the year 2018. The theme was Christmas and the birth of Jesus. Here are some of the ideas they could copy and improve and a task of making Jesus in a manger, albeit with nice chocolate and a photo of all their hard work.

And finally; we must not forget the kitchen volunteers who prepare, cook; wash up and serve all the meals every Messy Church. Today it was a traditional Christmas dinner with Christmas pudding and ice cream. The picture of one row of tables is here because the kitchen helpers are modest and do not want a public thankyou - but they cooked for 24 and even then there were 'seconds' if you wanted it.




On Wednesday we loaded the car with 73 Christmas Shoeboxes for the Samaritan's Purse Appeal and they have now left St Erth and started the first part of their long journey. Somewhere an extra 73 children will have a surprise Christmas present this year; thanks to the kindness of the good people of St. Erth.


On Remembrance Sunday today the two local churches combined for one unified memorial service. We all gathered at the local War Memorial for the tributes and 2 minutes silence. We are grateful to the Reverend Patricia Murley and Alex Sheffield for jointly leading the service and for the Rainbows, Brownies and Guides for the important part that they played into today's ceremonies.


The Christmas Gift Shoeboxes have been widely supported by the local community and were blessed today before being sent abroad to give a
poor but surprised child a present at Christmas time.


On Friday evening the Rainbow Youth Group had cooking lessons where they each made a bonfire cake with their own idea of an edible icing Guy Fawkes.



On Friday morning the village said Goodbye to Vida Ellis at her service in the Chapel. The service was taken by Reverend Edwin Myers with Mr Frank Stevens on the organ. The Chapel was packed with her family and friends.


October - 2018

At Tea and Toast on Tuesday we had a birthday to celebrate with a special cake. The candle does not represent the birthday girl's true age.


At Messy Church on Sunday the theme was Harvest. This is a joint venture by both the local churches where all the messy games had a connection to harvest, including making apple juice from windfall apples and apple bobbing. Then there was a short service in the Chapel with noisy singing
and prayers followed by a lovely hot meal of Cottage Pie  and Apple Crumble and custard. And what is more it was all FREE.

messy churchmessy church

messy churchmessy church

At the Rainbow Youth Group we all made scarecrows and what varied talents and imaginations they had. We were pleased to have the Rev Ed Myers help us.


September - 2018

We recently discovered a leak in the Chapel ceiling above the organ and by the look of the hole if the roof it was not a new one. Fortunately it has now been repaired but the maintenance of the old buildings is always a problem.


On Thursday because the weather was so nice the Bible Study Group met outside and shared tea and cakes.

bible studybible study

On Sunday we were pleased to welcome Andrew Tyson (and his wife) to lead our Harvest Festival Service.

Harvest Festivalharvest

On Friday at Youth Club we made banana muffins which they could take home for tea.

youth clubryg

On Sunday we held Messy Church which is a joint venture between the two local churches. The theme this time was 'CHOICES'. We all make choices in everyday life; whether or not to be a Christian and follow Jesus; whether or not to do right or wrong; be good or bad. All the games; some very messy; followed this theme. In addition there was a short service with a nice noisy and stamping song; followed by a cooked tea for over 40 adults and children of all ages. And it was all FREE.

Messy ChurchMessy Church

messy churchmessy church

On Friday we were pleased that Rev Ed (our new Minister Edwin Myers) was able to join us at the Rainbow Youth Group where he proved himself more than capable of teaching the young ones on how to inaugurate the new basketball post and net.


On Tuesday at Tea and Toast the regular men folk assembled and erected the newly purchased basketball stand and net. This has been purchased for the Rainbow Youth Club but not tested by the 'oldies' for fear of 'doing their back in'.


August  -  2018

Thursday we had our last Bible Study meeting with Rev Terry Higgins. For the last 2 years when we have not had our own resident local preacher, Terry has looked after us and mentored and guided us. Now that we move on to our new Circuit then the time has come to say good bye to him. We shall always be grateful for the manner in which he has spiritually shown us the way.


The weather was not kind to us on the Family Fun Day for the Children's Games; Dog Show, Barbecue and other side shows. However we all made the best of it and enjoyed ourselves with some traditional activities.

Tug of Wardog show

On the last Sunday we held our Final Service as a Member of the St Ives Methodist Circuit 12/11. Rev Steven Wild officiated with Rev Robert Amess assisting. Pastor Kenny Bassett and Lester Scott played their part as did the other important visiting dignities, including the organist and the Mayor. The service was a great reflection on the history of our Church and a befitting farewell to the old circuit and it was great to see such a good turn out.

Final Service

July - 2018

It is sad to record the first instance of fly tipping in the Methodists' car park. The offender was able to remove the garden waste and other rubbish off their property and then create a problem for the volunteers to remove.

fly tipping

On Sunday the Messy Church theme was lost sheep and we all made one out of paper and it was hidden in a field. Then we had to search and find them. After Messy Church we had beef burgers and hot dogs for tea in the field.

messy churchmessy church

On Saturday the Farmers' Market was packed with live music playing. As part of the 10th Anniversary celebrations free tea or coffee and cake was also served outside and the celebrations spilled over into the marquee where the craft works were on sale. Finally at the end of the morning the 10th Anniversary cake was cut and shared by all.



On the last Friday as an end of season treat, the Rainbow Youth Club went to a local farm for a treasure hunt and barbecue. They had a great time and many thanks go to the hosts.

treasure hunt

On Friday the Rainbow Youth Group did some cooking and then made models from the recycling. They showed great imagination.


June - 2018

One Friday evening in June we took the Rainbow Youth Group swimming at Marazion Bay. They had a great time.


At Messy Church on Sunday the theme was the Lord's Prayer. Here is one of the tables set up for this theme. The children were invited to sort the strips of the Lord's Prayer into the correct order in the shortest time. The Winner completed the task in 54 seconds. After the service in the Chapel, everyone enjoyed a hot dog tea.

messy churchmessy church

messy church

On Friday one half of the Rainbow Youth Group went to the local fisheries
where they learnt responsible fishing. The other half of the group go next week. They are shown how to catch the fish without harming them and put them back into the water carefully. Everyone caught a fish.


On Sunday we held a joint Church Songs of Praise in Well Field (by kind permission of Mrs Ann White). St Erth Concert Band played beautifully for us and Pastor Rodney Orr lead the service.

well fieldRodney Orr


On Friday the Rainbow Youth Group played cricket and rounders in Well Field followed by a picnic.


May - 2018.

On Friday the Rainbow Youth Group went for a walk and bicycle ride and finished with refreshments in the park.


At the Farmer's Market on Saturday members of the Rainbow Youth Group
ran the Tea and Cake stall and sold the cakes that they had made at
Youth Club the night before. They were raising funds for their club.

We were pleased to have Rev Steven Wild, Chair of the Cornwall District,
and Jill Baker, Vice President, both come and show their support.


2018 - April.

On Sunday we were very pleased to welcome Andrew Cashmore to lead our service. It was a pets' service attended by 9 dogs and 1 cat. Andrew was accompanied by his son Zachary and their dog Casper. The pets and owners were all well behaved.

pets service

On Friday at the Rainbow Youth Group the girls practised hair styling and nail manicures whilst the boys made cars from empty milk cartons and balloons etc. And what is more - they worked.

milk carton

At Messy Church we had a record attendance. The theme was Jesus appearing after his resurrection. The children played games; made some chocolate pretend fish that might have been in the Sea of Galilee, and after the service, they had a lovely dinner.



Easter Sunday and the empty tomb.


2018 - March.

At the Farmers' Market on Saturday the annual Easter competition for the Best Decorated Egg was held.

1st prize in the Under 5s section was awarded to Betty; 1st prize in the Primary Section was awarded to Toby; 2nd to Lola and 3rd to Tom.
1st prize in the Adults section was awarded to Caroline; 2nd to Holly; and 3rd equal to Janet and Patricia.


Despite the snow on Sunday we were able to run a shortened
version of Messy Church with a good turn out of families and children. Here they can been seen making wooden crosses for which they were each given a certificate.

messy churchmessy church


At Rainbow Youth Group we had a demonstration by Jason and his dog Comet; and Scott and his dog Max. The two Police dog handlers from Camborne Police Station put their dogs through their paces. Comet apprehends Scott who pretends to be a bad man. The children were all allowed to stroke both the dogs to see how friendly they are when people are good.

police dogpolice dog

The 'Beast from the East' brought very severe winter conditions and a lot of events had to be cancelled. In addition a great number of our members were ill but we managed to continue a full service throughout.


2018 - February.

The Messy Church theme was Lent and the Temptations of Christ. The picture shows one of the games they played.

Messy Church

On Saturday  Bramwell Bourne presented to us the Grade 2 certificate of the listing of our organ on the British Institute of Organ Studies' Register of Historic Pipe Organs. Here he is seen presenting it to Mrs Edna Hocking. After the presentation, 98 year old Edna tells Bramwell that she was the last permanent Chapel organist having retired in 1993 after over 30 years in the position. Since then the organ has been played very infrequently.



On Tuesday  we were visited by Bramwell Bourne (well known local organist, pictured on the left) and Jeffrey Williams of the British Institute of Organ Studies (pictured on the right) who advised us that a Grade 2 listing and an Historic Organ Certificate has been awarded to our organ at St Erth. A great thank you goes to them both for all the work they put into placing St Erth on the Register.

Organ cert

Our very own local 'Banksy' starts to paint the stage scenery in the Chapel Hall for the annual production by the St Erth Players.


On Sunday we were pleased to welcome Caroline and John Ryan to lead  us in our Family Service which included a puppet show where the puppeteer was almost invisible; but not completely.


On Friday the Rainbow Youth Group planted Spring bulbs in the planters outside the Chapel and we shall now watch them grow. They also painted their own garden gnome to take home with them and later watched a film.


2018 - January.

Members of the Rainbow Youth Group pretend to be customers of the fresh fish stall on the Saturday Farmers' Market whilst one of their leaders pretends to be the fishmonger.


The New Year started with the Rainbow Youth Group back to having fun after the Christmas break. Here they are making ginger biscuits with that little bit extra decoration.


2017 - December.

Alex lead the Christingle Service with the help of some of the cast of the Nativity play.


Cindy, Virginia, Diane, and Marilyn  have done a grand job of running the Community Christmas Baking Experience which is part of our 190th Anniversary Celebrations. Over the last number of weeks they have held weekly courses and every participant was a winner. Lola; aged 6; Morgan aged 12 and Kathy proudly show off their Christmas Cakes made during the Christmas Bake Off.


bake off 02

On Sunday we were very pleased to welcome the Reverend Robert Amess to lead us in our Annual Carol Service with the official switch on of the lights for the Annual Christmas Tree Festival. This is the third year in succession that he has kindly preformed this task for us.

We were also pleased to have St Erth Concert Band and St Ives Community Choir performing the traditional Christmas carols and songs for our Annual Carol Service; and very good they both were. Thank you to them both for their participation which is loved by the local community. A thank you also to the children who performed the play and Rachel for her readings.


On Friday the Rainbow Youth Club played games and then had their Christmas Tea. We had over 20 members join us.

Xmas Party

At Tea and Toast on the first meeting in December the members all helped to decorate two small Christmas cakes.


2017 - November.

The new lighting has been installed and all we have to get now are some new lamp shades that match the age of the building. Ignore the string hanging down; it is not electric cable but there in readiness for Christmas decorations.


On Tuesday 14th November we finally despatched a total of 65 shoe boxes to the Samaritan's Purse. Each box contains a number of essential items and gifts to be forwarded on by the charity to less fortunate children overseas in the hope that they might have a better Christmas than they expected.


On Remembrance Sunday we joined the members of St Erth Church in their worship. We joined in the 2 minutes silence at 11.00am and then the wreaths were laid to remember and respect the fallen. 

Rembrance DSunday

The Environment Agency has started a program of maintaining the flood defences on the River Hayle and this will involve them using a greater part of our car park for this very important work. It may take up to four months to complete and we are grateful for the appreciation and consideration shown by our regular users.

Car Parkcarpark

2017 - October.

October's 190th Anniversary Event was another Quiz Evening on a Saturday where the whole family was welcome.


This Friday as a special treat we took the Rainbow Youth Club to the Play Barn at Paradise Park where we all had a good time.


On Sunday 8th we were pleased to welcome Lucy Moore, the Founder of Messy Church. She took the service for us and then joined in the games. Here she can be seen throwing quoits and you can also see the excellent feast laid on for tea.

Messy Church01Messy Churcu02

At Rainbow Youth Group whilst the weather was fine we planted new flowers in the planters which the children will weed and water until they bloom, and then we played games of rounders in well field.


At long last we have been able to pay for the removal of the asbestos from the old redundant and derelict Higher Vestry. Here are just a couple of photos before any work had started.


Bramwell Bourne very kindly restored our old clock and here he can be seen giving it a final polish after re-installation.


2017 - September.

We had a packed Chapel when we held our joint Harvest Festival service with our friends from St Erth Church. The gifts of food were given to Hayle Food bank and the collection of £335.45 donated to Farm Africa in the Gambia.



The Farmers' Market continues to be a very popular Saturday morning event.

Farmers Market 1Farmers Market2

2017 - August.

On the very last day in August we held a late evening all denominational service to celebrate the launch of the new Methodist Year. The service started with the Fore Street Methodist Chapel Gospel Choir from St. Ives performing outside the Chapel to members of the public.

Gospel Choir

Our Anniversary event for August was a family sports event with sack races, skipping, egg and spoon races, tug of war and running events for the whole of the family. In addition there was a fun Dog Show; fairground games and a barbecue.

Dog Show 01Dog Show 02

One Sunday when the weather was at its best we held our service  in the public picnic area on the banks of the river.


This photograph shows Di Webber; representing St Erth Methodist Church; handing over a cheque for £107-20p to Margaret Tanner, as a donation to Hayle Food Bank, as part of the funds raised from the Art and Craft Exhibition.


2017 - July.

As part of our 190th Anniversary we held a 3 day Art and Craft Exhibition whereby all the members helped with every imaginable task to get the Chapel and buildings ready for a stream of visitors to view the Exhibition.



One evening all members; young and old; went out for a fish and chips supper.


The weather was so lovely on Sunday 16th that we held our Messy Church in the fields next to the river where we learnt about Abraham and Isaac. We made stars out of twigs and lambs out of paper and then with a carefully controlled fire we sacrificed our paper lambs. Next we had our service followed by a picnic.




2017 - June.

Monday June 26th to Wednesday 28th there was a three day and evening activity in the Wildfire Tent Mission in Well Field, St. Erth.  

Our thanks go to the owners of the field and the local community for all their generous help in lending and erecting the tent. Thanks also go to those who set up the seating arrangements; who supplied and administered the free food and drinks; and who were on duty and gave their time willingly.


Reverend Terry Higgins was in charge and took the services. 
Emmanuel Full Gospel International provided a puppet show for one of the children's afternoon services.


The heavy rainfall on one evening service did not put off the worshippers listening to the music of Lester Scott and the testimonials of three local speakers. Other events were held during the three days.



In mid June when the weather is good we take the Rainbow Youth Group for country walks in the fields and have a picnic or to the local park to play and enjoy the swings; roundabouts; and other attractions.

Youth Group1Youth Group2

The first Sunday in June was Pentecost when we celebrated the anniversary of the beginning of the Christian Church and our Preacher, Mrs Irene Tanner, brought a cake and lit the candles. Rachel blew them out. Rachel also made a new Pentecost Banner.



2017 - May.

On Sunday 28th we held our 190th Anniversary Celebratory services in the morning and evening. In addition we held a celebratory tea in the Chapel Hall. Here you can see Nora and Eirwen cut the anniversary cake and the tables laden for the feast.




On Saturday 27th as part of our 190th Anniversary Celebrations we held a Fun Run for all the local villagers. 30 adults and children joined in the fun and games; listened to live music and enjoyed a barbecue. Here we see  some of the runners enrolling; then warming up and finally a few stragglers finishing. The boys are playing the old Fair Ground game of 'Splat the Rat' - not a real one of course !

fun run-2fun run-1

fun run-3fun run-4

Tea and Toast on Tuesday mornings is always popular and sometimes we can arrange some new activities for the boys to try out. On this occasion we had a go at watch repairing and how to insert a new battery; all under the eagle eye of our expert.

watch repairs


On Sunday 7th we held a Messy Church which we jointly run with St Erth Church. The theme was Abraham and Sarah and here we can see some the tables set up with the activities lined up for them.



At the Tea and Toast on Tuesday 2nd we celebrated Di's birthday. Only those viewers with very good sight will be able to see the age related birthday candles.


2017 - April.

At the Farmers Market on the 29th the St Erth Rainbow Youth Group hosted the tea table where they sold jam tarts and buns which they had made at the Club on Friday. Parents and helpers donated further cakes for sale.


On Sunday 23rd the Chapel organised a Village Clean Up with a tea party at the end of the litter picking session. We had 28 volunteers from the village, including children, and we managed to collect about 14 plastic bags of rubbish which left the village in a much cleaner state.


On Friday 21st the Rainbow Youth Group of St Erth Methodist Church went on a country ramble and visited the small holding of Alistair who kindly showed us his sheep; alpacas; ducks and chickens.



On the Saturday before Easter Sunday we had the Easter Farmers' Market Craft competition with a record number of entries. Below are the winners.

There were also some highly recommended entries.




On Good Friday the village had its annual duck race where small yellow plastic ducks (of the type that children have in their bath) are numbered; allocated temporary ownership to the village children; and floated down the river. The winner receives a prize; but here we see an escaped adult duck in the custody of the Duck Ranger being escorted back to  the compound.


2017 - March.

In March we had a pet's service where members of the congregation were invited to bring their pets to the service and receive a blessing. We had the usual selection of domestic pets but the award for the most well behaved pet goes to Annie; the farm dog. Here she is photographed in a reflective mood.



The Rainbow Youth Club received a welcome visit from the local Police at one of the March meetings advising them how to stay safe 'on line' on the internet.


2017 - February.

Here we display our homemade banner (Thanks to Di) as we proudly advertise our 190th Anniversary Year.

190 years190 years

2017 - January.

Every January as we start the new year the advertising board for the Farmers Market is put out on a Saturday and the Tea and Toast board on a Tuesday and the routine is set for the next twelve months.


2016 - December.                                                                     

We were very pleased to welcome back the Reverend Terry Higgins.

Rev T. HigginsTerry was our Minister from 2004 to 2009 and whilst he has moved on to pastures  new, it is always a pleasure for us when he comes back to see us.

In December 2016 he held a service to dedicate the new Healing Team for which he had been responsible in inaugurating. In addition during the service he welcomed four new members into the Family of the Church.

Terry has also been running 'The Teachings of Jesus' discussion group which has proved both rewarding and fulfilling and in addition is a prolific writer of small plays.

xmas playThis photo is from his play called 'Full of Grace' and is set in an interview room for Heaven whereby two Angels interview Mindicus, son of John.

Every year we hold a Christmas Tree Festival where twenty local
voluntary groups and organisations decorate a Christmas tree.
In 2016 the theme was a 'Journey through the Bible' and the Chapel
was opened twice daily so that the anyone who wished could freely

see the display.



This picture on the left is of the St Erth Chapel's tree showing 'Revelations' and on the right is the Rainbow Youth Club depicting 'Joshua'.

2016 - November.

In November we prepare our Christmas Shoebox presents for Samaritan's Purse, the international relief and development organisation that works through local churches to help those in need across the world.

We get an empty shoebox, wrap it in colourful paper, attach a label, marking if our gift is for a boy or a girl and fill it with age related toys and simple but necessary daily needed items.  They may not seem exciting to some people but they mean so much to the boys and girls who receive them.



2016 - September.

In September we were pleased to welcome a rare visit to our Church by an Armenian Bishop and his assistant.

Armenian Bishop

The following two photographs show a typical Harvest Festival with the usual display of produce. Gifts of stationery; first aid items and the monetary collection were all donated to good causes overseas for people less fortunate than ourselves.

Harvest 01Harvest 02


2016 - July.

One of the July activities for the Rainbow Youth Group was to take them fishing in the local lake. Here they were shown how to fish carefully and responsibly.


2016 - June.

The outdoor activity for the Rainbow Youth Group was to take them to the local pitch and put course followed by fun and games in the play area.


2016 - May.

We were  very pleased to welcome the local Police to one of the Rainbow Youth Club activities in May where they were able to advise on how to stay safe.


2016 - April.

The weather was so good that one of the activities for this month for the Rainbow Youth Group was to all go up to the recreational field and play football and games.


2016 - March.

We held a service in the Chapel Hall where members of the congregation performed an Easter Play and a floral tribute was made in the shape of a cross.

Easter 2016Easter Cross

2016 - February.

Here we see a typical Saturday morning Farmers' Market.



2016 - January.

At the beginning of the year we have a great clean up and below are some of our regular helpers.




Without their constant regular help we would not be able to keep both the Chapel and the Hall and kitchens neat and tidy all the year round. A grateful thank you to all the volunteers.