Higher VestryHigher Vestry

Your Church  and local community needs you - please help.

The Higher Vestry was built in 1893 to provide additional space for the Chapel. Over the last 100 years it has been used as a meeting place; a vestry; a Sunday school; a Scout hut; and more recently to store the village Christmas lights, until the building became unsafe.

In September 2014, with a heavy heart, St. Erth Methodist Church took the reluctant decision to request permission from the Council to demolish the building on the grounds of Health and Safety because of the state of disrepair and potential danger to members of the public.

Permission was refused and as the Church has no surplus funds; a common condition identifiable with most voluntary run organisations today; it looks set to deteriorate further until its eventual collapse.

And that is where we need your help. We would like to involve individuals and combined communities, both local and in the surrounding area, to help in fund raising; DIY skills; and much more, in order to restore this wonderful old building back to its prime.

And in return the reward would be for you to see the old Higher Vestry restored and able to serve the local community for a further 100 years as a special memorial to those who helped to restore it.

Please Contact Us with your views and opinions; all contributions will be most welcome.

Higher VestryHigher Vestry